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There are Shortcuts to Happiness

There are shortcuts to happiness, and planning is one of them.

It’s the behavioral wiring that’s getting in the way. It goes to people’s feelings of fear and inadequacy about how and what they should do about something that is not a quantifiable certainty. It’s easy to get caught up in the treadmill of lifestyle where everyday things rush in and tomorrow seems way into the future. So many families just don’t talk about unanticipated care needs.

People underestimate the power of small steps and how it leads to a solid plan over time. My three Simple Steps offers a formula to start and continue to build a plan for every life stage. Today’s the day to start, to share, to plan. There are many options to consider. How Not To Tear Your Family Apart offers an overview of different options while offering practical steps to get started. Need help once you have an overview? Advisors can focus on the details now that you are focused on reducing stress and financial risk.

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