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My Story

I first learned the power of care as a financial professional. I worked with men and women who approached their finances with fear. Business owners wanted to do right by their employees, but feared the financial impact. Wives were scared of what would become of them if something happened to their husbands. Daughters, aunts, grandparents, stepchildren, adopted children...I've seen it all in planning, but it truly hit home when my own family was ripped apart fighting over financial caregiving of a loved one. My passion to help people unleash the power of care was born.

About Carroll Golden

Focused, forward-thinking Consultant, Public Speaker, and Leader with an extensive and diverse background in business development and cost-effective strategy implementation. Specialist in Extended and Long-Term Care, author of “How Not To Tear Your Family Apart,” uniquely qualified to address the challenges of today’s aging population and options to help create a generational financially stable future. Utilizes strong business and strategic acumen to identify and recommend innovative approaches and products to enhance relationships, sales, and company growth.

• Published Author
• Product Development
• Relationship Management
• Risk Management
• Board Member
• Long Term Care Insurance and Riders
• Distribution
• Team Development
• National Public Speaker
• Published Author
• Team Builder
• Research and industry trends
• New revenue streams
• Advisory Council exchange
• Think Tank

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