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Knowledge is a Powerful Tool

Recently, an advisor mentioned to me that he and a colleague are using the book as a basic “textbook” to become familiar with limited, extended, and long-term care options. It’s part of fulfilling their fiduciary obligation. The links, charts, diagrams, references, and footnotes allow them to dig deeper so they have the ability to work more effectively with their client. The story of the Jones family provides a human context to the data and information, especially when shared with a client…which is exactly what they are doing. It’s a less invasive way of creating a practical approach to a ‘taboo’ topic.

Excerpt from How Not to Tear Your Family Apart

"My mission is to demystify the extended and long-term care planning

process and to provide actionable information that you can use to help

your family prepare for a financially stable future. The emphasis is on

uncovering potential options and not on recommending specific financial

products or services. Products and services may apply differently to

your situation and new products and services will be introduced over

time, but my hope is this story increases your familiarity with available

options and moves you to action. Knowledge is a powerful tool."

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