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Carroll S. Golden
Best-Selling Author and Speaker

Suzan Rothamel, Retired Teacher
"Ms. Golden’s book is a tangible guide for all of us to be prepared for the aging “gift of life.” I’m really pleased that my husband Gordon and I have a jump start by having LTC insurance, an Estate Plan with a will, a living will, and a designated executor. It did, however open my eyes to other personal information that will also be needed when one
of us passes before the other, or both at the same time. Your “Care Guide” with the “Content List” is loaded with valuable apps and suggestions."

Stephen D. Forman, Long Term Care Associates, Inc.

"If you count yourself among the millions of families worried you are unprepared for the
financial and emotional challenges of caregiving, you couldn't find a better guide than
Carroll Golden. Informed by her remarkable career and firsthand experiences, Carroll uses personal stories to illustrate her practical, 3-step guide to caregiving and financial stability. Readers will know they are in the company of not just an expert, but someone
who cares passionately about long-term care."

Dan Mangus,

VP Growth and Development,  Integrity Marketing

"Having dealt with caregiving professionally and personally, I have firsthand knowledge
of the complexities surrounding this topic. The unflinching and honest look offered got to the heart of the matter and allowed me to grow in acceptance and understanding. I
encourage readers to approach this book as a fundamental tool in the journey from good intentions to a solid real-world plan."
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