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What is the Conversation?

At some point, a switch occurs. Adult children become the care-takers/decision-makers when aging parents need care. This role swapping can be gradual or catch everyone by surprise. When life-altering decisions are left to chance, finances can be ruined and families torn apart. There are, however, steps you can take to ensure aging needs doesn’t destroy a family. In “How Not To Tear Your Family Apart,” extended and long-term care expert Carroll S. Golden lays the groundwork for proactive planning to make caring for a loved one an easier process. This book helps families find a path that doesn't destroy relationships or create financial havoc.
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"Carroll truly hits the mark by first identifying an issue virtually all of us will have to deal wtih , and then using practical, sensible, and insightful ways to approach this delicate balancing act! Kudos to her and her willingness to provide a much needed reality check." - Peter Gelbwaks CLTC Chairman Emeritus - The National LTC Network, Past Chairman - The National Alliance of Insurance Agencies

"The three steps by the leading expert in long-term care provide the framework for difficult decisions you and your family must make. You owe it to yourself and loved ones to read this book!" - Betty Meredith, CFA, CFP, CRC

"As a member of a family that has lived through much of what's addressed in this book, first with our mother, now with our father, I found this book to be an excellent reference and resource. And as a financial advisor, I've witnessed many others go through these experiences. I've purchased numerous copies to share with family, friends and clients. Carroll's book is practical, detailed, and of great value to nearly all families. I'm so glad for this book!" - Bryon A. Holz, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CASL, LACP

"Over 1,870,000.000 people have "Googled" Long-Term Care. Many people feel it is a financial question and that money fixes everything. Not the case. Carroll does a great job of educating her readers about long-term care. What it is, what the options are and the emotional and physical stress that a family can go through. With so many people trying to figure out how to navigate a long-term care situation under pressure, this book is invaluable to those who want to plan for their future and safeguard their families. I truly believe that there is not a Retirement Plan that is complete without a plan for care, whether it includes insurance or not. Great read, you knocked it out of the park!" - David Kikoen — Think Outside… Financial Strategies

"This book is written in layman's terms and in a way that every family can understand and relate to as they start making plans for themselves, their parents and grandparents' golden years. It gives wonderful examples of ways to approach difficult conversations in a very diplomatic way without causing conflict and friction. It also shows how to get everyone involved and feel like they are all part of the decisions. I would highly recommend if for all families who are facing these challenging conversations." - Suzanne Neff

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Help Your Family and Aging Parents Plan a Financially Stable Future
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