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Kim Purnell


As a financial services professional, I speak with many individuals and families about the devastating impact not planning for a chronic or long-term care event can have on them and their loved ones. Far too many are unprepared!


This type of event can a significant impact of the entire family's well-being, assets and standard of living. 

Do you know the impact to you and your family?


I'm here to help you and your family prepare and understand your long-term care planning options. 


I'm sure you don't want to know...


The consequences of not being prepared can devastate your family's well-being, assets and standard of living.

Therefore to help you learn more... 


I'm gifting, to you, a copy this Amazon Best Seller Book.

To get your copy of "How Not To Pull Your Family Apart",  as my gift to you, simply drop me a note below with your name and information. 

Or, if you prefer to contact me directly, either send me by email, text or call me.  My contact information is located in the footer of this page. I'll respond within 24 hours, it not sooner. 


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About this insurance professional:

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Planning Gift To My Clients.

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898 Glendale Ave NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907, USA

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Kim Purnell



Kim Purnell

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898 Glendale Ave NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907, USA

Kim Purnell
Kim Purnell

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