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Care Planning Prevents Tearing Families Apart- Family Edition


Who’s going to be the physical, emotional, and financial caregiver in your family (no matter how you define family)? Few of us understand or are prepared for the extent of lifestyle implications that come with that role. On the flip side, what if it’s you that needs care?


Meet the Jones family, an example of how it all works in the real world. Join Jodi and her family as they suddenly must deal with her parent’s extended care needs. Tension, guilt, and a lack of information start to impact Jodi’s health, happiness, job, family, and relationships. Follow along as this multigenerational family uses my Three-step process to create a Care Guide, a Care Squad, and a Care Planning Team.


Learn how to establish a framework to start and continue conversations, minimize tension, and gain an overview of several planning options to fit almost any budget. Be ready for your family’s tomorrow and the peace of mind that comes with a solid plan.

This book offers a practical and affordable path that doesn't destroy relationships or create financial havoc.


Extended and long-term care expert Carroll S. Golden has written a series that offers a practical and financially stable approach.

How Not To Pull Your Family Apart” follows the Jones family as they struggle and succeed in preparing to unburden the family caregiver before it completely destroys her. Using three-steps, they learn about the many options available to create an easier process to care for a loved one.

Carroll Golden, Author & Industry Influencer 

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Care Planning Prevents Tearing Families Apart

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